Vino Rosso (red wine)


£ 16.95

Sangiovese Umbria House

Full and rich with soft tannins the perfect choice for barbecues, pastas and pizza
£ 17.95

Merlot del Veneto

Fresh with abundant red cherry , medium bodied
£ 17.95

Cabernet Sauvignon

Medium-bodied to full-bodied great with red meats, pastas, lamb, strong-flavored cheese
£ 17.50

Barbera Dezzani 2009

Dry, lightly tanning,lively. intense fruity and fragrant,perfect match for pizzas
£ 26.50

Nepente di oliena

Intense ruby red in colour with garnet hues and has a rich and complex bouquet with elegant aromas of jam and spices
£ 27.50

Tanca Farra Alghero

Strong with characteristic hebal flavour,full bodied,dry balanced and harmonius
£ 38.50

Barolo Dezzani

A stylish Barolo packed with flavour
£ 48.00

Amarone Di Valpolicella

A typically rich Italian is a dry full bodied red wine with a traditional dark garnet red colour
£ 55.50

Vino Bianco (white wine)

House White Wine

, Pale straw colour; dry, strong fragrance with a pleasant taste
£ 16.95

Pinot grigio

£ 17.95


Dry to medium dry with pear, apple, tropical or citrus fruit flavors.
£ 17.95

Sauvignon Blanc

Full-flavoured with intense aromas of citrus refreshing fruits
£ 17.95

Pinot Grigio Ardesia

Dry with a hint of spice and fresh citrus character
£ 17.95

Funtana Liras

Fruity notes of quinceand acacia flowerswith veins of bitter almond
£ 24.00


Light and dry with good acidity
£ 19.95

Gavi la Scolca

Fresh, vibrant wine made from 100% Cortese grapes with elegant Citrus fruit and excellent minerality.
£ 23.50


Complex bright oranges and lemons that evolve into a creamy delicate apricot finish.
£ 27.95

Greco di Tufo

The taste is rich. The finish is elegant and full-bodied with the scent of peach
£ 30.50

Vino Rose'( rose' wine)


This dry and fruity rose is crisp and lively with good intensity of ripe berry fruit
£ 19.95